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How To Treat A Broken Ankle

Overview Of A Broken Ankle A broken ankle is a fairly common occurrence among people, often resulting when the angle is twisted or from a sports-related injury. It can be treated using a plaster cast or surgical procedure and complete recovery generally can take up to 12 weeks. If you think it is a broken ankle, go […]

Helping A Casualty With Hypothermia

Overview Of Hypothermia Hypothermia ranges from mild chills and trembling to unconsciousness and even death. Hypothermia is defined as a body temperature of below 95 degrees. Symptoms Quivering. Fatigue. Confusion. Inaudible speech. Memory loss. Exhaustion. Loss of control of bodily functions. Seizures. Some exposures to the cold are worse than others. Cold casualty’s misplace body heat much faster […]

Treating Hypovolemic Shock

Overview Of Shock Shock takes place when the circulatory system doesn’t carry blood to the brain and other main areas of the body. Also referred to as hypovolemic shock, which occurs when there isn’t sufficient blood to meet the demands of the body. This occurs when an injury causes a huge amount of blood loss, either […]

Steps To Remove Splinters

Overview Removing a splinter can be sore, particularly if it is wedged under the first layer of skin. What Will You Need… You will require the following items: Big basin; Antiseptic soap; Alcohol; Tweezers; Warm water; Baking soda; Antibiotic ointment; Soft towel; and Dressing or bandage. Organize The Work Area Organize your work area by […]

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