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How To Manage Your Asthma

Overview Of Asthma Your GP says that yes, you have been diagnosed with asthma. Well, stay calm, because asthma can be managed. But you need to play a vital part in handling it. You don’t have to manage this by yourself though. In fact, the main part of handling your asthma successfully is to work […]

Treating Heat Cramps

Overview Of Heat Cramps Heat cramps occur as a result of involuntary muscle spasms. They usually occur due to a lack of sodium and water. Heat cramps are excruciating, could be serious. Lots of physical training in hot weather causes extreme sweating. This results in a shortage of electrolytes, thus causing muscle cramps. The muscles that are the […]

How To Treat A Seizure

Understanding A Seizure Most seizures are due to irregular electrical expulsions in the brain. Symptoms can differ depending on the part of the brain that is affected, but often contains strange sensations, uncontrollable muscle seizures, and loss of awareness. Some seizures might be due to a different medical issue, such as low blood sugar, a virus, […]

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