CPR courses in Las Vegas

infant CPR
The trainee is checking for breathing of an infant victim.

Las Vegas CPR is the best CPR training provider in the city of Las Vegas. We offer training courses all through the week, sometimes even during the evenings and weekends when we cannot mall the students. Trainees from all over the state continuously flock to our provider because of the affordable rates and wide range of training programs.  You can visit the Las Vegas CPR website for our contact details if you’re interested in training.

Still need convincing? Here is a testimonial from one of trainees.

Studying CPR training was an amazing experience at Las Vegas CPR. I was able to learn so many things  – and I’m a nurse! All of the trainees were taught using very high-end training mannequins and medical equipment. All the first aid kits were well-stocked too. And the trainers! They were very helpful and accommodating. If I didn’t understand something they were very gracious and answered all my questions. It was hands-down one of the best training courses I have taken.

Saving lives

It may seem a little cheesy but the best part about learning CPR is that you learn how to save someone’s life. You never know when an accident will happen and who it will involve. A family member, friend, or even a stranger can suddenly get a heart attack without any warning. CPR is vital especially when given immediately and correctly. Patient outcomes can rise dramatically by 20 percent when CPR done immediately after cardiac arrest has been recognized.

The CPR curriculum

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation goes beyond just giving compressions and rescue breaths. We teach our trainees how to recognize that a person has experienced a heart attack and how to give post-cardiac arrest care in certain courses. We make sure that our trainees are very well rounded and have the best skills possible.

Out of our eight courses, one is for the public and the rest are for people in healthcare (HCPs). Five are training classes and three are re-certification classes.

Standard First Aid Training in Halifax
Splinting is also an important first aid skill that we teach our trainees.

Basic Life Support courses

  1. Basic Heartsaver – General public, 4 hours; one-person rescue and first aid
  2. Basic Heartsaver C – HCPs, 4.5 hours; one-person rescue and first aid
  3. Basic Life Support – HCPs, 4.5 hours; one and two-person rescue and first aid

Advanced Life Support courses*

  1. Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) – 16 hours*; adult cases
  2. Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) – 14 hours*; pediatric cases

ALS courses are only available to HCPs who have Basic Life Support certificates (not Basic Heartsaver). There is also a pre-test that the HCP has to pass before he or she can qualify for ACLS or PALS training. Both courses are two-days long as well.


We award CPR certificates to all trainees who finish training with complete attendance and a passing score on the certification exam. These certificates expire after 24 months but are renewable through re-certification classes. Re-certification is offered for BLS, ACLS, and PALS courses.