CPR courses in San Francisco

A First Aid Training Classroom dor CPR courses in San Francisco
Our lecture rooms for CPR courses in San Francisco are spacious and equipped with the latest training mannequins and equipment.

CPR courses in San Francisco, located in the state of California, is one of the best CPR providers you will find in the city. While most of our trainees are healthcare providers, we highly encourage everyone to take a basic CPR class. We have programs available for the general public, with a curriculum that is tailored for people who don’t work in or are not familiar with healthcare.

If you need CPR training credentials, all the courses we offer a certification courses. We just require our trainees to complete a number of requirements before we award them with the credential. You can enroll in a variety of courses depending on the credential and training that you need.

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Studying at San Francisco CPR

Basic lifesaving skills

When you train in CPR, you learn one of the most basic and important skills a person should have: lifesaving skills. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation can be performed by anyone who has had proper training, or even with simple guidance from 911. When a person falls unconscious and becomes unresponsive due to a heart attack, the minutes between the initial collapse and first cycle of chest compressions is vital. Assessment of the victim’s state should not take longer than a minute, after which chest compressions have to be started immediately.

Experiencing a heart attack

The most common cause of a heart attack is a pre-existing heart condition. Ischemic heart disease is actually the leading cause of death in the world, according to the World Health Organization. Heart disease can be caused by a number of factors, the most common being an unhealthy diet. Ischemic heart disease is named as such because of the blood vessels that supply the heart that get blocked with plaque. Plaque is a build up of fatty deposits which compromise the oxygenated blood flow to the heart – causing ischemia.

Typical course topics

We have eight courses offered to students. Five of them are training courses while three are re-certification courses. All award students with training credentials once they complete the program. Only the first Heartsaver program is for the general public; the rest are for healthcare providers.

  1. Basic Heartsaver CPR (general public)
  2. Basic Heartsaver CPR C
  3. Basic Life Support for HCPs
  4. Basic Life Support for HCPs re-certification
  5. Advanced Cardiac Life Support
  6. Advanced Cardiac Life Support re-certification
  7. Pediatric Advanced Life Support
  8. Pediatric Advanced Life Support re-certification


Training credentials are valid for two years. They can be renewed through a re-certification class, available for three of our training courses. We advise students to renew their certificates before the expiration date; we do not allow them to sign up for renewal if their training credentials have expired.

Students need to have accomplished the following to be awarded a training credential:

  • Complete attendance
  • Pass the pre-test (skills test for the general public course; skills and written test for the rest of the courses)
  • Pass the certification exam

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