Sudden Medical Emergencies: Diabetic

Participants enrolled in standard first aid training will learn to recognize, treat and care for patients of diabetic emergencies. Candidates must use skills and knowledge from other components of the course to successfully complete this section. Courses are available through Canada including in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto, Halifax and Surrey. The material posted on this page is the minimum knowledge and skill requirements for candidates to complete diabetic emergency section of the course.

To successfully complete the diabetic emergency component of the course participants must:

  • Check the scene and environment for any dangers or hazards.
  • Determine the cause, mechanism of injury, medical conditions and history of the patient.
    Diabetic Emergency
    A victim of a diabetic emergency may need sugars.
  • Complete the primary assessment.
  • Contact EMS and obtain an AED by using a bystander if possible.
  • Administer glucose or sugar to the patient if the level of consciousness allows for it.
  • Place the patient into a appropriate, comfortable position with limited movement.
  • Treat the patient for shock and reassure the victim.
  • Rescuer must wear / use appropriate protective equipment and barrier devices.
  • Airway and breathing must be maintained.
  • Complete the secondary assessment.

Additional Notes:

  • Candidates will receive knowledge on hypoglycemia (diabetic shock) and hyperglycemia (diabetic coma) but will not need to be able to differentiate a victim suffering from either.
  • Candidates with low blood sugar can exhibit signs of irritability, aggressiveness, and other intoxicated like behaviors.
  • Rescuer should never administer insulin for a patient.

To successfully complete standard first aid training participants must demonstrate knowledge and skills of the above mentioned criteria. Candidates will be examined during simulations to determine if they meet the minimum requirements. The above posted information may also be included on multiple choice examinations offered at the end of the standard first aid course. The material posted on this page is for information purposes only, to learn to recognize, treat and provide care for diabetic emergencies take a standard first aid course.