Standard First Aid Recertification

Each Canadian provider has its own slightly different guideline for operating standard first aid recertification. However, all of the providers must follow the guidelines posted on this page as set by Health Canada and provincial and legislative regulations. The topics covered in this course are identical to the full standard first aid course, however, participants will complete the material in approximately half the time. This course can be completed within 8 to 10 hours depending on the provider and ultimately the instructor of the course. Course fees vary depending on provider, level of CPR, and training partner. Included in the standard first aid re-certification is a renewal of CPR certification. Depending on the provider, participants will be able to recertify either CPR level “A”, “B”, “C”, or “HCP”. Contact your provider to verify which CPR re-cert options you have.

Additional notes for standard first aid recertification:

  • The participant-to-instructor ratio is set at either 12:1 to or 18:1 depending on the provider. For example, Lifesaving Society instructors are limited to 12 participants and St Mark James providers are limited to 18 participants.
  • The SFA re-certification should allow time for the candidate to practice and for the instructor to introduce any new information or skills and to evaluate all of the skill items.
  • Well-designed and executed rescue scenarios are included in the course as they provide the instructor a strong evaluating tool during a re-certification clinic.

Course Time:

The recommended course length for a standard first aid re-cert is 8 hours. This is based on an average class size of 12 candidates. The actual time needed is dependent on:

  • Level of CPR re-certified.
  • A number of students.
  • Instructor skill level.
  • Maturity of participants.
  • Candidates’ prior knowledge, training, and experience.


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