How Long is My First Aid Course?

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A lot of individuals that take first aid courses are required to by there workplace or school. They usually feel somewhat forced to take the course and are often described as “prisoners” in a classroom. Like children in the back of a long road trip a frequent question asked is “How much longer?!?!”. This article will help to answer that question of how long is my first aid course going to be?

One Day Course

It really depends on the course you take. A one day first aid course, usually called emergency first aid, varies from 6 to 9 hours depending on the skill level of the class and the CPR training accompanied with the course. That’s right, several different CPR level’s can be partnered with the course. The minimum level of CPR is level “A” which involves only training for adult victims. This CPR level associated with your emergency first aid course will help make it take only 6 hours. It also depends on how quickly you can finish the final written exam. Of course if you take an hour to answer 50 multiple choice questions you may be in class for a little longer than 6 hours. CPR level “HCP” is the most advanced level of CPR training and usually required for health care providers. This, accompanied with additional questions on the test, may take you longer than 8 hours to complete the one day course.

Two Day First Aid Course

Another popular course is standard first aid which is takes approximately 14 to 16 hours to complete. Again, it depends on the level of CPR training accompanied with the course and the length of time you spend on your final written exam (usually around 75 questions).

Two Week First Aid Course

Finally, the other most popular first aid course is advanced first aid which is a two week course. Expect to spend 70 to 80 hours in the classroom with this one. No option for changing the level of CPR training with this course.

Well there you have it prisoners of first aid training. Expect to spend somewhere between 6 to 82 hours in the classroom if you pick a CSA approved first aid course in Canada.

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