Two Rescuer CPR for Adult, Infant and Child

One of the components of successfully completing standard first aid training, which is available now in Kelowna,  is demonstrating two-rescuer adult, child and infant cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on a manikin. Participants have several options in completing this component of the course. This page will outline the methods in which two trained rescuers can administer CPR effectively, contact EMS and apply a automated external defibrillator (AED). Candidates must use the skills learned in previous sections of the course  such as scene assessment, protective equipment and effective use of a AED.

The following is a quick outline of how two trained rescuers will do CPR and use a AED on a adult, child or infant victim:

  • Rescuer 1 will perform one-rescuer CPR using the sequence mentioned in the previous section.
  • Rescuer 2 will introduce him or herself as a CPR trained individual (if rescuer 1 is unaware), and confirm that EMS has been contacted and that a AED is being located.
  • When the AED arrives one rescuer will continue CPR while the other apply the AED and follow the prompts.
  • Both rescuers must continue CPR and switch roles with limited interruption.
  • If signs of life are present both rescuers can reassess the patients vitals and treat appropriately.

Additional Notes:

  • Rescuers should be careful to use his or her own protective equipment and avoid sharing with other rescuer.
    Protective equipment for Two Rescuer CPR
    Use protective equipment, such as gloves, whenever possible when providing aid.
  • Rescuer should have strong communication skills throughout the rescue .
  • Rescuers have other options of doing two person CPR such as one person giving resuscitations and the other doing chest compressions.
  • It is important for rescuers to alternate positions because CPR can be exhausting especially after two minutes.

The material posted on this page for two rescuer CPR is for information purposes only. To learn to do 2 person CPR through hands on experience and practise take a standard first aid course near you.