Handling Back Strains through Standard First Aid Training

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Aside from athletes, employees in different industries also suffer from back strains due to the nature of their job or their workplace environment. This is why employers and employees should consider standard first aid training in order to know how to handle this type of medical condition properly especially at work. Here are some of the ways that standard first aid training can help with the condition.

Back Pain
Back Pain

Proper medication will be given

Included in first aid training classes are discussions on the appropriate pain medications that should be given to people who are suffering from back strains. In these classes, rescuers and trainees will be taught how to properly assess afflicted individuals in order to determine the food, chemicals and specific medications that can trigger their allergies. Trainees will also be taught how to administer medications efficiently and safely while taking other considerations into mind such as other medical problems which can inhibit proper ingestion of the medications. This is the reason why it is recommended to ensure that first aid kits are equipped with common pain medications such as Ibuprofen and Paracetamol.

Cold compress will be applied appropriately

The top two priorities of first aid treatment when it comes to back strains is to decrease the pain and the swelling. Some pain medications such as Mefenamic Acid are designed to decrease pain and swelling at the same time while other pain medications can only alleviate pain. It is worth noting though that It is not always advisable to give pain medications that can decrease pain and swelling at the same time since many are allergic to these types of medications. In these cases, ordinary pain medications that can only alleviate pain are given. This is why applying a cold compress is still necessary. However, a cold compress should be applied in the right way to ensure that it does not cause pain and swelling instead of alleviating them.

Splinting will be done

Splinting is a good way to ensure that the affected individual does not strain his or her back while resting. This form of first aid treatment is also advisable for people who are suffering from broken bones and other injuries.

By taking standard first aid training, employees can administer these first aid techniques for people who are suffering from back strain. Aside from saving the lives of their co-workers, it can also ensure that their co-workers do not have to file for a leave or to miss any day of work due to back strains.

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