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How Long is My First Aid Course?

A lot of individuals that take first aid courses are required to by there workplace or school. They usually feel somewhat forced to take the course and are often described as “prisoners” in a classroom. Like children in the back of a long road trip a frequent question asked is “How much longer?!?!”. This article […]


First Aid Management: Hysteria

It is unknown to many that first aid is not just applicable for physical wounds and emergencies, but can also be applied to psychological disorders, such as hysteria. Hysteria is typically described as uncontrollable actions and emotions. It is actually a mental disorder which results to physical manifestations. This is often due to overpowering fear […]

Eye Injuries

Eye injuries are among the most common injuries which if left untreated can result in temporary or even permanent visual impairment. Such injuries affecting the eye can range from minor irritations such as getting soap in one’s eyes to morbid and visually incapacitating penetrating eye injuries that can result in permanent loss of visual acuity […]

Oral Thrush in Children and Adults

Oral thrush is a minor condition wherein there is an overgrowth of the yeast, Candida albicans, in the mucus lining of the tongue and mouth. The fungus infection will result to whitish cream sores in the affected area, usually on the tongue and inner cheeks, which can mildly bleed and be painful. The sores may […]

How to Make a Roller Bandage

Roller bandage is one of the most important items in a first aid kit as it has many uses from a pressure bandage for animal bites to reducing swelling and soft tissue injuries. Roller bandage is a standard for most first aid kits. It has many practical uses. Roller bandages can be made from lightweight cotton, […]

What is Emergency Rescue?

In most emergency situations, you will need to move the victim to a place of safety. Immediate and well-executed emergency rescue can greatly improve the outcome of the victim. Read on to learn more about emergency rescue. Emergency rescue refers to procedures of moving a victim from an unsafe location to a place of safety. […]

Common Patient-Carrying Devices Used in First Aid

Paramedics and EMTs often use different patient carrying devices to transport victims. As a trained firstaider, you should familiarize yourself with these devices. After providing first aid and initial emergency care at the scene of accident, the victim often needs to be transported to the nearest emergency department. Ambulances are equipped with different patient-carrying devices […]