Managing Your Flatulence

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  • Flatulence is when gas is passed from the digestive system through the anal passage. It is more generally referred to as “farting” or “passing wind”.
  • Farting is regularly something that is laughed about, but too much flatulence can be uncomfortable and make you feel awkward around other people. Though, it can generally be managed by changing your diet.
  • Flatulence is a standard organic process and is something everybody experiences on a regular basis. Some individuals pass wind only a couple of times per day, others a lot more, but the standard is about 15 times per day.

Why Does It Occur?

Flatulence is when gas is passed from the digestive system through the anal passage.
Flatulence is when gas is passed from the digestive system through the anal passage.
  • When you consume water, food or saliva, you also gulp tiny amounts of air, which gathers in the digestive system. Gases can also develop when you absorb food.
  • The body has to remove the build-up by flatulence or burping.
  • Occasionally, you might not observe you have passed wind because most of the gases are unscented and are often released in small amounts.
  • Flatulence generally only has an awful smell if it includes gases that stink, such as sulphur. Though, it is vital to remember that it is usual for the gas you pass to occasionally smell a bit.

When To Visit Your Doctor

You have to also visit your doctor if you experience added symptoms, such as:

  • Constant abdominal pain and swelling
  • Frequent episodes of  constipation or diarrhoea
  • Inexplicable weight loss
  • Faeces contain blood
  • Infection, high fever, nausea, chills, joint ache and muscle pain

These symptoms could be a sign of a more severe health issue and requires examination, such as a blood test to check for signs of an infection.

Controlling Flatulence

Extreme flatulence can generally be managed by making alterations to your lifestyle and diet, such as:

  • Keeping away from foods known to lead to flatulence
  • Consuming smaller and more regular meals
  • Drinking and eating more slowly
  • Exercising frequently

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