First Aid Procedure: How To Identify Heartburn Triggers

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Certainly one of the most common digestive issues that individuals face across the world, heartburn can be a source of pain if not well managed and the right first aid administered. This is described as a condition that leaves a burning sensation which radiates through the chest. A heartburn can be indicative of other underlying health conditions, and this is what makes it important for one to be able to recognize heartburn triggers so as to save you the pain and discomfort as well as rule out the possibility of long term health issues. How exactly does a heartburn progress?

A heartburn occurs when the muscle between the esophagus and the stomach does not function properly so that the acidic mixture churned in the stomach is released into the esophagus leading to the radiating burning sensation that patients attest to. The improper functioning of this muscle known as the lower esophageal sphincter could be as a result of numerous factors, and this often leads to acid reflux. Note that while we will all reflux severally in a day, not all of us will suffer from heartburn. In a number of individuals, heartburns follow the ingestion of specific foods and drinks. These are referred to as heartburn triggers because they induce the sensation.

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Below are some of the most common heartburn triggers across the board:

–          Fatty foods are a common trigger for the simple reason that they tend to stay longer in the stomach therefore exposing the individual to frequent acid refluxes. This is applicable to both the ‘good’ fat and the ‘bad’ fat.

–          Beverages including caffeinated and carbonated ones are also common triggers owing to their content. The latter includes different types of sodas, and will often cause heartburn due to the high content of gas.

–          Other food triggers include: onions, citrus fruits, garlic as well as tomatoes.

–          In some individuals, chocolate is a known heartburn trigger, perhaps due to the high cocoa content.

–          While this is not categorized as food, smoking certainly has a profound effect on people who are predisposed to the effects of heartburn. This is attributed to the presence of nicotine, a key trigger of acid reflux. Interestingly, it is not in the type of cigarette: it is in the fact that nicotine is present, whether you are looking at an electronic cigarette or your conventional cig.

–          Other food related heartburn triggers include taking large amounts of food at a go. When you do this, you predispose the esophageal sphincter to more pressure, thus increasing the risk of reflux.

–          Maintaining healthy weight is key if you are interested in reducing heartburn triggers. The reason for this is that in obese people, there is increased pressure on the body organs, and the stomach is not spared because it is as though you have a pile of rubble sitting on your abdomen.

Knowing what heartburn triggers you have at an individual level will go a long way in helping you avoid the pain of the same.

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