Reasons why Employers should take Employees to First Aid Training

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A First Aid Training Classroom
First Aid Training Classroom

Every employer in Canada has an obligation to provide protection to their employees. As a basic need, it is important for each employer to have basic first aid training. It is also necessary for any company to have one employee with advanced training to be able to handle any kind of emergency that may arise in the work place. Every employer is obliged to provide updated information on first aid to the employees. An employee who has undergone standard first aid training is a great asset to an organization and fellow workers.

The training can help save life, thus regardless on the size of the company it is an incentive that should be provided. The training can be done at work or in other training places. The duration of the course vary depending in whether it is a refresher course or an intensive training. The best training course at the workplace uses a more hands on or practical strategies. It concentrates more on real life based training methods developed to boost confidence and offer practical and real life saving skills.

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Higher risk first aid training

In those workplaces where there are more significant safety and healthy risks, a highly qualified first aid trainer is required. In places where the risk is high, for instance, on construction sites an emergency can lead to death. Any kind of injury that occurs in such places need to be handled immediately. Therefore, such firms should always have trained personnel on site to cater for such emergencies.

Low risk workplaces

Even the workplaces that are viewed to have low risk of emergency occurrences must have employees who have undergone standard first aid training. Employers have a legal and moral obligation to implements such first aid measures in their workplace.

Legal responsibility

If employers fail to adhere to the laid down first aid procedures, they go against the healthy and safety laws in the country. There are different laws in Canada that require employers to assess, consider the risks, identify risks and other factors that contributed to the safety and health in their workplaces. They must provide the right equipments, facilities and ensure that their employees undergo first aid training.

Several First Aiders

The more employees a company sends for the training the better, because this ensures that there are several people who can handle any kind of emergency when it occurs. Standard first aid training can take even less than a day. Therefore, employees do not have to worry about time wastage or find it is expensive to have multiple first aiders in their company.

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