Standard First Aid Training Basics: Health Complications of Tight Clothing

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One of the topics that are covered during standard first aid training (click here for course information) is the appropriate removal or loosening of clothes since tight clothing can cause several health complications which can worsen the patient’s condition or cause rescuers to misdiagnose the patient’s actual condition. Here are some of the health complications or medical conditions that are caused by wearing tight clothes.

Meralgia Paresthetica

Adult training mannequins
Adult training mannequins

Meralgia Paresthetica is caused by the compression of the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve which is a nerve that runs from the thighs to the spine. Even though this condition is not life-threatening, it can cause misdiagnosis of a paralysis or mask deadlier medical conditions especially during emergency situations wherein having a full and complete physical examination is not always possible. Aside from repetitive leg motion, this condition can also be caused by tight clothing, weight gain and recent hip injuries which are why loosening tight jeans are important especially in accidents.

Carotid Vessel Compression

In a study that was conducted by experts at Cornell University, it was revealed that seven out of ten men often buy shirts that are simply too small for their body types. This leads to carotid vessel compression since the neckline cannot accommodate proper blood circulation in the neck. This leads to a restricted blood flow towards the upper portion of the neck which can lead to blurred vision, headaches and confusion, all of which can add to the anxiety of a patient who had just suffered from a medical emergency.

Tight Pants Syndrome

Similar to the problem which many women often suffer from during pregnancy, tight pants syndrome is caused by the compression of the organs inside the body. The compression can happen when a person often wears pants that are three inches too tight for their body type. This can cause mild to moderate abdominal discomfort or pain, belching and heartburn. Heartburn can mimic the symptom of a heart attack which may lead to the improper administration of cardiovascular medications which may be contraindicated to the afflicted individual.

Through standard first aid training, students will be taught how to remove clothes properly which will not cause any type of discomfort to the patient. They will also be taught how to properly assess patients who wore tight clothing to minimize the likelihood of misdiagnosis. This will make it easier for them and other healthcare providers to administer the right type of care according to the patients real medical condition.

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