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Minor Cuts and Scrapes

Minor cuts and scrapes are part of almost every child’s childhood and deemed as part of growing up. Minor cuts and scrapes are small tearing or opening in the skin. It is typically caused by an external injury. Although it is not considered a medical emergency, it is generally advised to give proper first aid […]

Cuts and scratches

Both cuts and scratches are damages on the surface of the skin. A cut is basically a line that can go through the skin and into the muscle tissues beneath. A scratch is best described as surface damage that does not penetrate into the lower tissues. Both can make the skin turn red in color […]


Emergency Care for Wounds

Wounds that involve injury to soft tissues can range from minor tears of the integumentary system to severe crushing and morbid injuries affecting the deeper layers of adipose and muscle tissues.  The main goal of the emergency treatment for serious wounds is primarily geared towards restoring the physical integrity and function of the injured tissue […]