What Is The First Aid For Motion Sickness?

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For one to be able to prevent and provide first aid for motion sickness, it becomes important to understand what causes this condition. Typically, motion sickness results from the uneasy feeling that results from using just about any form of transportation. This differs from one individual to another so that some people will experience mere uneasiness while others will experience a cold sweat that may be accompanied by light headedness. The good thing is that motion sickness ceases when the form of transportation comes to a stop. What is interesting to note is that the more one travels the more they are acquainted with handling motion sickness as it gets easier with time.

Part of first aid for motion sickness involves planning ahead of your journey as well as knowing what makes the condition easy to handle. In light of this, you may want to make bookings for a seat where there is the least motion. Below are some tips to get you through with this in different modes of transportation.

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–          If traveling by plane, you may want to reserve seats near the front part of the wings. When your journey has started make sure to channel air flow to your face to relieve motion sickness.

–          If traveling by car, take the passenger seat at the front.

–          If traveling by ship, reserve your space either at the front of the ship or at the middle, preferably where the water is almost level.

First aid for motion sickness: procedures to follow

1)      Try as much as you possibly can to keep your focus on a stationary item far away.

2)      Stop reading any material as this only makes motion sickness worse.

3)      Lean back and rest your head on a soft surface.

4)      For as long as you are in motion, steer clear of spicy hot food and alcoholic drinks. Fatty foods should also be avoided because they contribute significantly to nausea, one of the traits of motion sickness. In addition, do not eat more than you should.

5)      For many individuals for whom motion sickness is a serious condition, taking a dosage of anti-histamines works the magic. These drugs may be purchased over the counter, and should be taken an hour before you start traveling. One of the side effects of this drug, however, is the drowsiness that results. For a number of people however, the drowsiness is far much easier to handle than the motion sickness.

Examples of anti-histamines that you could take to provide first aid for motion sickness include meclizine and dimenhydrinate.

Studies have shown that there are certain groups of people that are predisposed to the occurrence of motion sickness. This however, does not alter the procedure for the first aid for motion sickness across different groups of people. Knowing what to expect and when you are travelling also goes a long way in preparing you psychologically therefore making it much better to handle. Follow the tips outlined above and you will have found a way to deal with motion sickness.

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