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Fire Prevention

Scientifically speaking, fire is defined as the quick oxidation of a material in the process of combustion. In this process, heat, light and several reaction products are released. The visible portion of the fire is called the flame. Fire is typically caused by carelessness, accidents and faulty electrical equipment, although most fires are generally preventable. […]

Giving First Aid for Seizures

A seizure is a medical condition that results from seizure disorders or epilepsy. It is important to have skills and knowledge to offer first aid for seizures because this is a fatal health problem. The problem involves convulsions and can at times lead to unconsciousness. [youtube url=”” width=”200″ height=”220″] Symptoms of Seizures Unconsciousness Convulsions Muscle […]

Standard First Aid Training Basics: Health Complications of Tight Clothing

One of the topics that are covered during standard first aid training (click here for course information) is the appropriate removal or loosening of clothes since tight clothing can cause several health complications which can worsen the patient’s condition or cause rescuers to misdiagnose the patient’s actual condition. Here are some of the health complications or […]