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foot pain
foot pain

The area between the toes and rest of foot is known as the ball of the foot. It connects the arch of the foot with the toes. It’s given a specific name and importance because it is mainly responsible for taking load from the heel and transfers it on the ground. The uneven distribution of weight due to any reason or an abnormal gait can affect the ball of foot badly and may result in a severe pain as it gets inflamed and irritated. It is also known as the metatarsalgia, because the bones present in the area are metatarsals mainly. The pain ranges can be severe or mild depending upon the condition of the foot. The pain gets worse on walking as pressure is put upon the ball of foot. The ill-fitted shoes are also said to be an important cause of initiating and worsening of the pain. Although it is not a very serious condition; but it can affect the daily activities badly. The good news is that the problem is treated easily by applying some household treating options.

Symptoms of pain in ball of foot:

Main signs and symptoms of ball of foot pain include:

  • Severe burning pain in ball of foot
  • Pain under the area of toes
  • Worsening of pain on standing, walking or running around big toe
  • Soreness of toes
  • Numbness in toes
  • Tingling sensation in ball of foot
  • Difficulty in flexing the foot
  • Feeling of some pebble while walking
  • Severe pain on walking a hard surface

Causes of metatarsalgia:

Main causes producing agony on walking in ball of foot are:

  • Excessive physical activity like running and jumping on hard surfaces
  • A high arch of the foot
  • Having second toe longer than big toe
  • Hammertoe problem
  • Bunion which is a bump at base of big toe
  • Obesity and excessive body weight as it puts too much pressure and load on ball of foot
  • Shoes those are either too small or too tight so that weight is not distributed smoothly and evenly on ball of foot
  • Morton’s neuroma

Treatment for ball of the foot pain:

The treatment of the pain in ball of foot is easy, rapid and household so it can be managed efficiently by giving it some attention. Treatment may include conservative and household methods and an invasive surgical method. Tips for treating pain in ball of foot are:

  • Giving rest to the painful and affected foot is the key to treat ball of foot problem. Avoid much movement as it will prolong healing process.
  • Use ice cubes to treat the pain and inflammation. Pack it in a neat cloth and apply for 20 minutes several times a day. It will cause numbness and will heal the problem.
  • The pain can be overcome readily by taking some pain killers like ibuprofen, naproxen and aspirin. NSAIDs are also given by the doctor.
  • Change the old bad tight shoes with new airy and wide shoes. Shoe inserts are also useful that will absorb pressure.
  • Surgery is the last options to correct the metatarsal bones when above mentioned things fail to cure the pain in the ball of foot.

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