Eye Injuries

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Eye Injuries
Eye Injuries

Eye injuries are among the most common injuries which if left untreated can result in temporary or even permanent visual impairment. Such injuries affecting the eye can range from minor irritations such as getting soap in one’s eyes to morbid and visually incapacitating penetrating eye injuries that can result in permanent loss of visual acuity or a total loss of an eye. These types of injuries can occur at any place and at anytime in the workplace, at school, at home or while participating in rigorous activities such as dancing and sports.

The most common form of eye injuries happen when something irritates the outer region of the eye. Generally, the certain occupations curtail a high probability of acquiring injuries in the eye such as those people working as industrial workers, masons, carpenters wherein these workers are exposed to materials that are physically and chemically could cause several forms of injuries to the eye. Common injuries affecting the eye include as serious as; deep puncture wounds, or something as simple as a minor scratch of the surface of the eye by a foreign eye irritant.

Eye Injuries of the Cornea

Common causes of eye injuries and abrasions to the surface of the eye (corneal abrasions) are accidental poking of the eye or rubbing one’s eyes when an irritant (dust or sand) gets lodged in the eye’s surface. Corneal abrasions are very uncomfortable which can lead to severe reddening of the eye, soreness and sensitivity to light. Scratches to the eye can make it a lot more susceptible to infection. On rare occasions when the cause of the infection is a bacterium or a fungus, and depending on the type of the causative organism, blindness can result especially if whatever caused the scratched is heavily contaminated. The best way to treat the eye before seeking medical help is keeping the eye closed by covering the affected eye with a clean dry cloth and immediately seek medical help. Avoid scratching the eye at times to prevent further irritation and damage to the surface of the eye.

Penetrating eye injuries

Penetrating eye injuries occur when a foreign object penetrates the eye which causes severe damage to the underlying  soft tissues and

nerves of the eye. Penetrating eye injuries requires immediate medical attention and any delay in treatment can result in permanent loss of vision of the eye. It is imperative that the penetrating object that is still lodged in the eye should not be removed for any attempts in doing so will only aggravate the injury. If at all possible, loosely cover the injured by placing a clean cloth around the  protruding foreign object so as to keep the object intact and prevent it from moving which can further worsen the injury. Metal foreign objects can quickly transform a “rust ring” which can result in significant scarring. It is vital that individuals suffering from this type of injury seek medical help as soon as possible.

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