Standard First Aid Training Basics: Prevalence of Syncope

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Even though it is one of the most common and alarming symptoms of many chronic and deadly medical conditions, the prevalence or incidence rate of syncope remains a mystery to many especially to those who have little to no medical background. This is the reason why there are not a lot of people who are willing to go through standard first aid training for fainting or syncope since they think that this medical occurrence or symptom is not that common. However, recent studies show that fainting is actually more common than what most people think.

Because of the complexity of syncope which is partly caused by its various causes, severity, risk factors and elements, conducting a definitive study of its prevalence rate is very difficult even for seasoned researchers or statisticians. However, professionals found a way to determine the numerical value of patients who are suffering from syncope by conducting research based on the affected groups. Here are some of these studies.

Prevalence of Syncope among Medical Students

Standard First Aid Training in Victoria
Standard First Aid Training in Victoria

In a study that was published in the US National Library of Medicine, it was revealed that one-thirds of medical students have fainted once or twice. Taking note of the prevalence rate of syncope in medical students is imperative since syncope can be a subjective symptom. Hence, it can easily be misdiagnosed. By studying the prevalence rate of syncope through students who have an actual and verifiable knowledge on the subject matter, the misdiagnosis of syncope is less likely.

Prevalence of Syncope among Cardiovascular Patients in Primary Care

These patients refer to those who have been medically diagnosed with cardiovascular diseases and are receiving regular medical care from doctors and other professionals in an actual healthcare facility. According to a study that was conducted by professionals at the University hospitals Leuven, Department of General Practice and Intego registry and the Maastricht University, it was determined that 1.91 out of every 1000 cardiovascular patients suffer from syncope.

Prevalence Rate of Syncope among Senior Citizens

In a separate study that was published in the US National Library of Medicine, it was determined that 19% of men and women who are 45 years old and above suffer from syncope as well.

These numbers show that syncope is very prevalent and that it has a wide range of risk factors and causes which means that it can happen to almost anybody. This is why undergoing standard first aid training which can teach students how to manage syncope by preventing further injuries, determining actual cause and applying necessary medical interventions is important.

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